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Flocks & Meet-Ups Listing (updated)

July 4, 2010

Here is what we have so far for Flocks & Meet-Ups. This page will be updated as more meet-ups are added or when there are changes to locations or times.


Australians & New Zealanders! (9 AM, Common Room)
If you’re Antipodean, still marveling at the stars being upside down in the night sky or the direction the water goes down the drain, or just in search of some Vegemite, swing by the Common Room and you can throw your arms around your countrymates.

Quidditch Players & Fans (10 AM, Common Room)
Discuss your favorite teams, matches you’ve played in and enjoyed, playing strategies and more!

HP Group Leaders (10 AM, CityWalk Starbucks)
If you organize a local meet-up group, bookstore reading group or other local HP fan group or project, join us at the CityWalk Starbucks at 10 A.M. for coffee, conversation, and possibly some free wifi.

Hufflepuffs (11 AM, Common Room)
Badger bonding session! Come join Hufflepuffs and their friends & supporters for a mellow meet-up.

Inside the Age Line (11:30 AM, Common Room)
Younger Harry Potter fans get together – kids’ track registrants are welcome if their parents stay nearby.

Outside the Age Line (Noon, Outside the Common Room)
Older Harry Potter fans, including parents and grandparents.

Death Eaters (Noon, Common Room)
Some are masked and unforgiving, some join because they are terrified of the alternative, some remained loyal and imprisoned and others hid in the open for years. Discuss their stories and beliefs.

Marauders (3 PM, Common Room)
Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs – their generation’s friendships, betrayals, loyalties and tragedies shaped Harry Potter’s story. Discuss the four boys, their friends and their enemies.

Meet (the) Beedle (the Bard) (4 PM, Common Room)
The wizarding fairy tales kept canon going just a little longer, and have inspired fanfic, fanart, music and more. Discuss the stories and their characters.

Ravenclaws (5 PM, Common Room)
Wit, learning, ready minds and the confusion between the film and book color schemes!

Slytherins (6 PM, Common Room)
Perhaps at this meet-up, you’ll make your real friends – and see old friends (and rivals) as well!

Nerdfighters (8:30 – 10PM, Common Room) – Just Added
Come join in and let your nerdiness shine with fellow Nerdfighters who never FTBA. If you are itching to chat about the vlogbrothers, fiveawesomegirls, or more nerdy topics, then this event is for you.

RP, LARPing and more (9 PM, Hotel lobby)
People who RP Harry Potter, whether it be through forums, Livejournal/Insanejournal, LARPing, or some other method, are all invited.

3rd Hogwarts Alumni Grad Party! (9:30 P.M. at THE GROOVE) – just added
Come in your school uniform (no robes) or awesome 80’s attire.  A tradition that started at LUMOS in Vegas and continued on in New Orleans for Phoenix Rising to hang out with those over 21 and like to have a good time!  The Black Sisters will be out front if you wish to go in together, otherwise catch up with the crew later!  THE GROOVE, located in CityWalk, Is 21 and up that night and its $7 at the door after 10 p.m., but no cover until then (hence the meeting up before!).

Wizards Gone W!LD (Noon, Hotel Lobby)
Wizards Gone W!LD The Fandom Fan-Diaries, is hosting a meet-up for all who would like to be interviewed or bring in video submissions for the the fandom based fan-film. All you have to bring is yourself with the option of bringing in video or pictures that will be uploaded upon your arrival.  Don’t forget to grab your WGW swag on the way out!

What’s In the Wizarding World? (Noon, Common Room)
Have you explored The Wizarding World of Harry Potter yet? Do you want to hear more about it before you venture forth into IoA? Come and discuss tips and thoughts about the magic of the WWoHP.

Are you active on tumblr? (Noon, Outside the Common Room) – just added
Meet outside the common room @ noon on Friday for a Tumblr meet-up!

HP Doll Meetup (Noon, Hotel Lobby)
People who have dolls created to resemble Harry Potter characters.  Tonner, BJDs, cloth, clay, Barbies, etc… All dolls are welcome.

Gryffindors (4:30 PM, Common Room)
Are you brave of heart, with daring, nerve or chivalry? Meet in the Common Room to discuss this celebrated House.

Snapecast (6 PM – 9 PM in a suite at the Royal Pacific (Room # TBA))
You are cordially invited to the Sitting Room at Spinner’s End to pass the time sneering, Snape-ing, and hexing Gryffindors socializing over libations, snacks, and greying underpants on Friday evening before the Night of a Thousand Wizards. It is our dearest hope that a few hours relaxing and Snape-ing will provide a much needed break between the stimulating formal programming of Friday afternoon and the excitement and mayhem of the Night of a Thousand Wizards. Please RSVP at


Rebuilding the Wizarding World (Noon, Common Room)
How do you think the wizarding world rebuilt itself after the defeat of You-Know-Who? Discuss the changes to the educational, political and monetary system.

HP Alliance Organizers, Members & Interested Folk Meetup (Noon, Islands Restaurant)
This meetup is for staff members of the Harry Potter Alliance, Chapter Organizers and others who are interested in running a chapter of the HPA to get together. We will be sharing some information and ideas about campaigns, getting to know each other and getting a bite to eat at lunch.

HP Roleplayers (2:00 PM, Java Room)
People who enjoy Role Playing in the Harry Potter universe are invited to join – and check out before or after, too, to RP and for updated information.

HP Theater Artists (Noon, Islands Restaurant)
Harry Potter plays are becoming far more commonplace in the fanon. The purpose of this meetup is to match up writers, producers, directors, actors, musicians, those with copyright expertise– You name it! We all want to make awesome theatre, and with the right group, we can make it happen. (Please note that any non-parody adaptations require permission from Rowling’s representatives to happen.)

FictionAlley Meetup (4:00 – 5:00 PM at the Orchid Bar in the Lobby)
If you’re a FictionAlley writer, artist, reader, poster or SpellCast listener, come by and say hi!

Harry/Draco Meetup (5:00 PM – 7:30 PM  Java 1)
We are holding an H/D Spectacular!  Fun, games, discussions, RP plans and more – check out the extended invitation at or just come on by!


Weasley Is Our King! (9:30 AM in the Java Room)
To unite lovers of the Weasley clan (especially Ron)!

Next Stop? Comic-Con! (2:00 PM at the CityWalk Starbucks)
People Who are Heading to Comic Con are invited to plan, organize, discuss strategies and plan to meet up again in a few days about 2400 miles to the west.

10 Comments leave one →
  1. chyara permalink
    July 5, 2010 6:00 am

    are there any fanfic meetups? for ships like dm/hg, lm/hg, ss/hg etc…

    • Heidi permalink
      July 7, 2010 10:15 pm

      I think there’s only one, for Harry/Draco. Nobody volunteered to do any others – but if anyone wants to schedule one, we can put it onto the website and the phone apps which we hope will come out next week…

  2. Angela permalink
    July 7, 2010 8:49 pm

    I am disappointed to see that the Ravenclaw meet-up occurs during the first block of formal programming. I know you have a million things to plan and prepare, but is there any chance this might be changed? It seems unfair (and a little absurd) to make House Ravenclaw choose between education and socialization.

    • Heidi permalink
      July 7, 2010 10:13 pm

      We have at least five things going on at every single hour of the day – and many of the hours of the night. In other words, everything is counter-programmed. But it’s up against the last round of formal programming on Thursday, not the first block, so those who don’t want to miss the formal programming can catch the end of the meet-up and if they wish to, they can extend it into the six o’clock hour, when it isn’t up against any formal programming. But we can’t change it as the program has already gone to press. Just so you know, also, nobody volunteered to host this one – or any of the other House meetups – so we had to schedule them when the Common Room is staffed.

  3. Lindsey permalink
    July 8, 2010 1:58 pm

    I want to organize a Tumblr meet-up, how would I go about doing that in a way that the most people will know about it? Is it too late to schedule anything?

  4. samantha permalink
    July 9, 2010 5:19 pm


    i haven’t heard back from you in a while regarding the snarry meetup. can we get something planned soon? email me please!



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