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Merlin’s Cup Overflow-ith

May 26, 2010

Witches and Wizards are polishing their brooms in preparation for the 141st Merlin’s Cup Tournament to be held at Infinitus 2010 in July.

Due to popular demand more teams have been added and are broken into four divisions.  They are:

Western Division: 

  • Tampa Tarantulas
  • Lakeland Leprechauns 
  • Kissimmee Kelpies

Eastern Division: 

  • Melbourne Marauders
  • Daytona Dragons
  • Orlando Owls

Northern Division:        

  • Pensacola Phoenixes 
  • Gainesville Griffins
  • Jacksonville Jackals

Southern Division:

  • Boca Banshees 
  • Miami Meerkats
  • Everglades Eagles  

The North American Flying Federation Rules have also been updated for the tournament. You can check them out at:

Remember… no blagging, no blatching, and no blurting!

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