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Department of Magical Transportation – Knight Bus Division Memo

May 21, 2010

As so many witches, wizards are converging on the Orlando International
Airport in July, the Infinitus Minister of Magic has requested that
MEARS, the primary ground transportation concessionaire at Orlando
International Airport, arrange to disguise the Knight Bus to look like
a common muggle transport similar to those shown on the Mears website  at

MEARS has even provided Infinitus attendees with what Muggles call a
coupon” (no idea of the pronunciation).  They can be printed on
Muggle computers – good luck finding one of those – and must be
redeemed at the Mears Transportation counters throughout the airport.
MEARS shuttles run 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, departing the curb
approximately every 30 minutes. Please review the coupon at least a
few days before you travel so you are aware of the MEARS
transportation process, and so you can make a reservation online or by
phone. The Infinitus priority code number is 383984504. MEARS services
are available between Orlando International Airport and most Orlando
hotels, including the Royal Pacific, Portofino and Hard Rock hotels,
as well as many off-site hotels.

Team Infinitus recommends attempting to blend in with the muggles
around you during your travels between the airport and the hotel.  Our
Obliviators will be standing by in case of any trouble.  Thank you for
your cooperation.

Mayburga Garrun, Head, Department of Magical Transportation
Bertsig Mundley, Head, Knight Bus Division

Mears Airport Shuttle Coupon


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