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Call for Proposals

October 14, 2009

Presented by HP Education Fanon, Inc.

Infinitus 2010: A Harry Potter Symposium

July 15-18, 2010

Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

Imagine the infinite possibilities.


Infinitus 2010: A Harry Potter Symposium gives fans and academics a place to investigate, deconstruct, discuss, and illustrate the literary magic woven into the Harry Potter novels as it relates not only to the series, but also, its influence on the “real world”. As a symposium for adult fans and scholars of the Harry Potter novels, we aim to promote scholarly analysis of the books, to provide forums for debate and analysis among fans of those works, and to provide professional development opportunities for teachers, librarians and academic scholars.

Proposals are sought for presentations, papers, moderated panels, and workshops on any topic relating to the Harry Potter novels and/or the fan community. We welcome formal papers as well as proposals for a variety of presentation models, including prepared panel discussions and workshops. For workshops in particular, we encourage topics that focus on audience participation and interaction.

Our conference theme this year, “Imagine the infinite possibilities,” draws its inspiration from our location at Universal Studios Orlando, home of the brand new Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In keeping with this theme, we are seeking presenters who will explore the infinite future possibilities of all elements of the Harry Potter novels and the fan culture surrounding the novels.

Topics of particular interest relating to this year’s theme:

  • Real-world application of Harry Potter ethics
  • The Future of Harry Potter in the College Classroom
  • Fandom and activism: using fan culture for a greater good
  • The path from fanfiction to publication
  • Wizard rock and evolving fan community creativity
  • Growing up with Harry Potter
  • Gender issues and heteronormativity in the books and films
  • The impact of slash and Rowling’s revelations about Dumbledore on tolerance
  • The business of Harry Potter – the films, merchandising, and the series’ larger impact on media and culture
  • Character studies (singularly, in “shipping” contexts, in comparison with other fictional characters, etc.)
  • The treatment of disabilities in the Harry Potter series
  • Time and distance in the Harry Potter series


Infinitus 2010 welcomes submissions in the following fields:

  • Literary and Media Studies
  • Law, Politics, Ethics
  • Social Sciences
  • Education and Library Science
  • Fandom Studies and Culture
  • Fan Creativity
  • GLBT and/or Gender Studies


We also welcome submissions outside these areas. We encourage fresh perspectives and original presentations that develop these themes or other topics relating to the novels, derivative works in any media, and fandom culture. As you delve into any or all of the themes and fields suggested here, we invite you to imagine the infinite possibilities of each.

Presentation formats include, but are not limited to:


Lecture-style presentations on a chosen topic typically involve one person lecturing and teaching in front of a large audience with Q & A time incorporated.


A discussion panel typically consists of a several people presenting a topic and discussing and/or critically analyzing it. Preferably, a moderator is included on the panel to enforce structure and order. A discussion panel should allow time for questions/comments from the audience or should incorporate other means of audience participation.


A round-table discussion is comprised of a group of people having a structured discussion on a chosen topic and is hosted by a moderator.


A workshop is a session that focuses on training and teaching participants about a specific subject or skill. This format generally consists of an individual or a small group of people instructing a larger group of participants.


  • Fanfiction and creative writing: characterization, fanon vs. canon, beta reading, the transition between fanfiction and original writing.
  • Fanart, drawing, painting, and digital art: art critiques, demonstrations, and tutorials.


To submit a proposal for Infinitus 2010, please send an email to no later than midnight EST on January 16, 2010   February 12, 2010 with the following information:

  • Name of presenter(s):
  • Email address(es) of presenter(s):
  • Phone number of presenter(s):
  • Title of presentation:
  • Presentation format (Lecture, Panel, Roundtable or Workshop):
  • Time needed for presentation (20, 50, 80, 120 minutes):
  • Presentation proposal (fewer than 500 words):
  • Presenter biography (fewer than 150 words):
  • Equipment and materials requested (e.g. whiteboard, projector [LCD or overhead]), if any:


For Formal Programming questions that are not covered here, please email us at For more information on Infinitus 2010: A Harry Potter Symposium presented by HP Education Fanon, Inc., please visit our website at

This symposium is an unofficial event and is not endorsed by Warner Bros, the Harry Potter book publishers or J. K.
Rowling and her representatives.

Download our announcement for Calling for Proposals:

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